Praise Jesus? – Understanding the Positive Side of Religion

Religion can give us a break from some of the most dire situations that you could encounter as a human being. When people are on their final whim and they have a few last words to say, they tend to be religious once, regardless of how they lived their lives. There will always be a group of people that don’t take religion seriously, as it has been that way ever since the beginning of time (I’m sure). Don’t you think that the very first couple of people on Earth (if evolution is real, which is probably isn’t) were wondering what life is all about? We all wonder that from time to time, and there really isn’t an answer. Religion is great because it gives your life purpose, where in most cases, there is no true purpose to be had. Once you finish school, you have to get out there and set your own goals. If you don’t do that, you’re never going to do anything great with your life. You’ll just sit around and be the best nobody that you could hope to ever be.

The sheer number of religions for you to consider researching is going to be staggering. There have been religions being developed for many, many years; all of which have built followings all over the world. Some of the most obvious religious routes to be taken would be both Christianity and Buddhism, but there are other things like Catholic as well. The entire world has a plethora of religions to be considered, all of which will allow people to understand what lies after death (as well as before birth). We all die, that’s just a natural process of life – so it’s important to note that we should cherish every single moment that we can.

This doesn’t mean that you need to get out there and go to Vegas every single weekend, it just means that you have to enjoy the little things. If you aren’t living in a third-world country, consider yourself blessed; regardless of how dire things seem. I’m sure that people living in poverty ridden countries have other values to be happy for and aren’t as materialisitc as Western living individuals, but I’m also sure that they would switch places with us in a heartbeat.

Stay Positive

Religion can help you stay positive in some of the most testing times you’ll ever face. A lot of people tend to stray away from religion as a coping mechanism, because it isn’t going to be a genuine love for it at that point. While that is the case, there isn’t anything in the bible that says God will reject those who choose to worship later on in life! Well, maybe there is, as I’m not one to read books cover to cover – I’m also just a religion enthusiast and not a Christianity expert.

Stay positive and if need be, consider using religion to help improve upon the quality of your life.