Are You a Religious Person?

There is a big debate that has gone around recently, one that involves the difference between those who are religious and those who are not. When you’re a religious person, almost everything that you do in life is going to revolve around that religion. You’re going to be thankful for the food that your gods have given you, as well as the opportunity to succeed in life – but what about the bad times? There are a lot of aspects to life that we can’t completely understand, which is why religion is such a vital part of our society. When there are things that we can’t comprehend, we just attribute it to the religious part of being a human. With that being said, there will always be people who aren’t religious. When you come across those that don’t really have a religion to call their own, there are a few things that come to mind. Firstly, those who are religious want to try and spread the word to those that aren’t, even tif they aren’t going from door to door and doing so.

Some of your friends may suggest that you attend a church mass with them, or something of that nature. If you aren’t against the idea, it might be worth checking out. Those that fall under the religious category tend to be very friendly, or they can be overly religious. If you can find that perfect balance, then you have nothing to worry about. Whether you’re a religious person or not doesn’t matter at the end, because we all breathe the same air and have the same blood pumping through our veins.

Am I Doomed?

Doomed is a strong word, and to be fair, nobody really knows. That’s the best part about religion, it’s the fact that we aren’t absolutely sure that all of this stuff is true. If you can show faith and believe in something that isn’t completely there, it’s like showing you understand God exists and that your praise will get you into Heaven. Of course, people have broken down religion and pointed out some flaws in some societies, but that’s something that will come along with any religion. There are religions out there that allow you to practice Witchcraft, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the most optimal one to be taking part in.

It takes a lot more than just refusing to acknowledge religion to be “doomed”. Some would say that sitting inside of your house for weeks on end without social interaction is being doomed, and others would say that walking 5 miles every time you need water is hell on earth. It’s all about your perspective in the end, I suppose. Religion will always be ther efor us as humans, so ask yourself; are you a religious person? If so, why is that? If you aren’t, why not?

These are the questions you have to be asking!